Signe Ivask: What To Teach To Journalism Students?

Results From A Two-Year Post-Doctoral Project Looking Into The Well-Being of Journalists and Organisational Settings

5. 10. 2022, 12:00, AVC

26. 9. 2022 Lidé na katedře Akce a události

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Signe Ivask, our postdoc researcher at Department of media studies and Journalism at FSS MUNI will give a public lecture. Here's her short description:

During my two years of the post-doctoral project, I collected data on journalists’ well-being, dealing with hostility and their reactions to professional and organisational changes. Now, as I am reaching the end of the project, I am putting these results in the frame of journalism education and asking two main questions: how can journalism students be prepared for what is waiting for them in the field, and what should the workplace take as its responsibility?

Supported by:
Postdoc2MUNI,  CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_053/0016952

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