Study Plan

The program is comprised of six course modules that take into account the different focus of the courses included, while at the same time make the whole program and its key accents concise. Students are required to receive 206 credits by completing 17 compulsory courses and 34 credits by completing compulsory elective courses.

  1. Theoretical Module: Includes a common course of a theoretical nature constituting a shared professional background and the thematically-specialized theoretical seminars linked to the topic of the dissertation.
    • Module Courses: Theory of Media and Journalistic Studies, Doctoral Thesis Theory I, Doctoral Thesis Theory II
  2. Methodological module: Includes a common course establishing a shared methodological basis and specialized methodological seminars.
    • Module Courses: Methodology of Media and Journalistic Studies, Data Analysis I, Data Analysis II
  3. Dissertation module: Courses related to thesis work and dissertation work.
    • Module Courses: Dissertation project presentation, Dissertation project defence, Dissertation project results presentation, Doctoral theses
  4. Science Results Communication Module: Includes the courses developing skills needed to successfully master communication within the domestic and international professional community.
    • Module Courses: Communication of Scientific Results, Conference Presentations, Presentation at International Conference, Publications I, Publications II
  5. Application Module: Includes application-oriented courses developing competencies linked to non-academic practices, experience with team and project work, and pedagogical and dissemination skills.
    • Module Courses: Analytical practice, Dissemination of science, Participation in teaching, Participation in a research project, Pedagogical practice, Writing and project management
  6. Module of Foreign Internships: Includes mandatory foreign residence and optional foreign academic and work placements and short-term stays.
    • Module Courses: Foreign study internship, Foreign trip, Foreign working internship

The program includes common courses and courses based on the individual work of the student and the supervisor. The goal of common courses is to ensure interaction and mutual feedback across the cohort of learners and to create a shared knowledge base. The aim of the individual courses is to deepen the knowledge and skills connected with extending the academic skills and the dissertation work.

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