How to get to Brno:
The nearest airports:

Vienna International Airport is situated in the capital of neighboring Austria
Bratislava Airport is situated in the capital of neighboring Slovakia
Václav Havel Airport Prague lays in the capital of the Czech Republic
Brno Tuřany Airport is situated a short distance from the city center and the conference venue

by bus:

There is a direct bus from Vienna International Airport to Brno AN u hotelu Grand (bus station at the hotel Grand) run by several companies: e.g. Regiojet, Flixbus or Gepard Express. The timetable and other details are available at each company site. The journey time is between 2-3 hours.

by train:

Trains to Brno depart from the Hauptbahnhof train station in Vienna (Wien Hbf). Take a train from Vienna International Airport to Hauptbahnhof (trains run very frequently) and then change for a train to Brno hlavní nádraží (main train station), the timetable is available HERE. The journey time is approximately 2.5 hours.


Trains and buses run from Bratislava city center to Brno. You will find information about how to get to the city center from the airport using public transport or taxis HERE.

by train (recommended):

Trains depart from the Main Station (Bratislava hlavná stanica, Bratislava hl. st.) to Brno – Hlavní nádraží (Brno – Main train station), journey time is about 1.5 hours, timetable is available HERE.

We recommend taking the train to Brno as it is an easier and more reliable option. There is a bus service between Bratislava and Brno but the main bus station is currently being rebuilt and a temporary bus station serves the line to Brno and is not as easily accessible as the train station.


Trains and buses run from Prague city center to Brno. Public transport is available from the airport to the city center, for trains you will need to travel to Prague Main Station (Praha hlavní nádraží or Praha, hl.n.) and for buses to Florenc bus station. Options for public transport can be found HERE. We recommend the Airport Express bus as it offers a direct connection, it takes about 45 minutes to reach the Main Station. If you plan to take a taxi from the airport to the train station, please make sure that you use one of the taxi services that has a set price and that you agree to the price in advance, you will find out more about taxis HERE.

by train (recommended):

Train from Prague Main Station (Praha hlavní nádraží, Praha hl.n.) to Brno hlavní nádraží (Brno – Main train station). Timetable is available HERE. The journey lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours depending on the type of train.
We recommend taking the train as the bus connection is less reliable due to roadworks, traffic jams etc. on the motorway.

by bus:

Most buses for Brno leave from Prague Florenc bus station, the timetable available HERE. The best connection is for Brno AN U hotelu Grand (bus station at the hotel Grand), alternatively you can take a bus to bus station Zvonařka. Buses run every 30 minutes, journey time should be 2.5 hours but is usually longer. Information about how to get to Florenc bus station can be found HERE.

BRNO TUŘANY AIRPORT to Brno city center

Public transport is reliable, buses run every half an hour from the airport to the city center; take bus E76 (or N89 between 11 pm and 5 am) to the terminal Main station (Hlavní nádraží), the journey takes about 20 minutes. If you prefer to take a taxi, City Taxi have a stand outside the arrival hall, you can also book them online e HERE.

Moving around Brno
by foot:

Brno city center is compact and easy to navigate on foot, you can check distances using GoogleMaps, for example.

by public transport:

There is one set of tickets for all public transport – trams, buses and trolley buses. Tickets can be bought from yellow coin operated ticket machines that are situated at most stops. In order to purchase a ticket, you need to have change in Czech crowns. There is a possibility to purchase a ticket by card inside the public transport, you will simply touch the “reader” with your credit card, and it will take money for the ticket. If a control comes, you will proceed similarly, touching the credit card to their own reader and showing your purchase.

More info about using ticket machines can be found HERE. When you board the vehicle, you need to validate a physical your ticket as soon as possible in one of the yellow machines on board. If you use your credit card, follow the previously described procedure (while using this yellow machine).

The timetable of the Brno public transport is available HERE, more info about the Brno transport system can be found HERE.

by taxi:

There are lots of taxi ranks in the city center or you can hail a taxi on the street. We recommend City Taxi or Top1TaxiBrno and Uber is also available in the city.

City Taxi (+420 542 321 321); Top1TaxiBrno (+420 844 110 110)

by bike or scooter:

Brno is quite famous for its growing bike-sharing platform. Bike sharing is much cheaper than renting a bike – around 1 EUR per hour. There are many bike points around the city where you can borrow a bike. The ow a bike. The most visible operators are Rekola, Nextbike, and Bolt for the scooters. We recommend that you download the operators’ mobile apps and visit their website for further information.

Brno Main train station

Brno’s Main train station (Brno hlavní nádraží) is situated in the very heart of the city, where you can catch a tram to take you to the conference venue or to your hotel. Please remember to purchase a ticket before boarding public transport (or while entering by credit card) and to validate your ticket when on board. Alternatively, you can walk from the Main train station (Hlavní nádraží), it takes about 20 minutes to reach the conference venue on foot.

If you arrive by bus, the preferred bus station AN u hotelu Grand (bus station at the hotel Grand) is next to the Main train station (Hlavní nádraží) and you can take tram n. 4 / walk from there to the conference venue.

How to get to the conference venue – Faculty of Social Studies

Address: Joštova 218/10

The easiest way how to get to the conference is to take a tram number 4 and get to the Komenského náměstí stop (right in front of the faculty building).

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