Signe Ivask: Who should care? Journalists’ safety and well-being: the role of individuals and the organization

13. 10. 2021, 12:00, AVC

7. 10. 2021

Signe Ivask, our postdoc researcher at Department of media studies and Journalism at FSS MUNI will give a public lecture. Here's her short description:

Accidents happen to all of us, it is just how life is. But what if the accidents happen while you are working? Could they have been avoidable? And who and why should provide safety, if you choose yourself how to carry out your tasks? These are just a couple of broad questions I approach in the lecture. But in a nutshell: our freshly gathered data helps to answer how journalists perceive safety in their work and what role they see the organization to play in it. We have also a more in-depth look into how journalists care for themselves in hazardous situations, such as the pandemic.

Supported by:
Postdoc2MUNI,  CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_053/0016952

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