Katarzyna Drąg: The process of professionalization of journalism in the 19th century

On May 20th the Department of Media Studies and Journalism is going to host an online guest lecture entitled “The process of professionalization of journalism in the 19th century” delivered by dr.  Katarzyna Drąg from the Pontifical University of John Paul ІІ in Krakow, Poland.

6. 5. 2021

Journalistic professionalism is being widely discussed topic recently, most noticeably in the context of the current challenges to the profession, e.g. consequences of digital transformation, pressures from market forces and, particularly in our Eastern-European context, political instrumentalization by powerful actors operating on the intersection of economic and political fields. While all of these developments are important issues, in this guest lecture we invite you to escape present-day debates for a while, and take a journey to the history of the journalistic professionalization instead. However, since the history often teach us how to understand the present, equipped with such insights and a bigger picture, we may eventually return to the present-day debates anyway.

“The process of professionalization of journalism in the 19th century”

Journalism is a profession that has come a long way of professionalization. Its roots are in literature, among others. On the way of professionalization, journalism developed and consolidated the features typical of this occupation, but also developed the norms and rules of professional performance of this craft. The analysis of examples of the history of journalism allows us to draw interesting conclusions for the present day. The presentation concerns journalism studies in a historical perspective.

Katarzyna Drąg

is a PhD, media scholar, literary scholar, and a culturologist. She is a director of the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at the Pontifical University of John Paul ІІ in Krakow, adjunct at the department of mass media and social communication. Her research interests focus on two areas: science of communication and intercultural communication, and the history of the press and journalism (specifically, in the 19th and 20th centuries until 1939). Member of the Polish Society of Social Communication and Media Studies Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Co-organizer of the Conference on Mass Media Ethics. A fellow of the National Agency of Academic Exchange. Author of the book "In Galician ethnic, national, and social melting pot", Krakow, 2013, and many papers about professionalization of journalism, starting from the mid 19th century.

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