Katarzyna Drąg: Revaluation of the proxemics code in mediatized communication

On March 7th the Department of Media Studies and Journalism is going to host guest lecture entitled “Revaluation of the proxemics code in mediatized communication”. The lecture will be delivered by dr. Katarzyna Drąg from the Pontifical University of John Paul ІІ in Krakow, Poland.

3. 3. 2022

March 7th 2022 (Monday), 6: 30 PM, room AVC

“Revaluation of the proxemics code in mediatized communication”

Technological progress in the field of media and communication as well as the dynamics of development of modern communication tools pose a challenge for studying the issue of space in communication and proxemics theory. The mediatization of almost all aspects of human life is based on increasingly better communication tools that transform time-space relations in communication. Natural forms of interpersonal communication are increasingly being replaced by mediatized communication. Electronic communicators are becoming a kind of laboratory that modifies contexts, channels and codes of communication acts, especially in the proxemics field. The lecture focus on functioning and changes in the proxemics code in mediatized communication and recommendations for using proxemics and on improving the quality of personality and efficiency of communication.

Katarzyna Drąg

is a PhD, media scholar, literary scholar, and a culturologist. She is a director of the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication at the Pontifical University of John Paul ІІ in Krakow, adjunct at the department of mass media and social communication. Her research interests focus on two areas: science of communication and intercultural communication, and the history of the press and journalism (specifically, in the 19th and 20th centuries until 1939). Member of the Polish Society of Social Communication and Media Studies Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Co-organizer of the Conference on Mass Media Ethics. A fellow of the National Agency of Academic Exchange. Author of the book "In Galician ethnic, national, and social melting pot", Krakow, 2013, and many papers about professionalization of journalism, starting from the mid 19th century.

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